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Loving The Ling A Tribute To The Ugliest Fish In The Sea

Loving the Ling: A Tribute to the Ugliest Fish in the Sea

The ling or “eelpout” is misplaced a doubt a disgusting, repulsive, annoying, slimy, smelly and unattractive fish in the sea. Despite these negative qualities, it has a delicious lobster - like taste and boasts its own annual festival unborn Walker, Minnesota. Why? The eelpout may be ugly, but its redeeming qualities far outweigh any appearance deficiencies.

Eelpout, also known as spineless catfish, lawyer or burbot, tend to reside mostly in the deeper waters of clean cold Northern lakes. Their appearance is part eel, part catfish, sporting one single chin whisker known as a barbel. Its constitution is lean and mean with super colossal strength, challenging anglers with an superior game of hide - and - seek. Its elementary draw for many anglers is the ease with which they are caught. During the winter months, eelpout relocate into water 25 to 50 feet deep for spawning. As a result, anglers can expect to catch big numbers of these homely swimmers, often weighing in the double digits.

Opening evening and after dark are prime times for successful eelpouting. These ugly creatures of the deep are known carnivores; if it’s fishy and fits in their mouths, they will eat it. While this makes baiting them somewhat easier, it is this trait which also makes them an monstrous guest to other anglers, as they tend to steal bait. Like other nocturnal creatures, eelpout prefer to sneak up on their victims while they rest.

The strength, depth and aggressiveness of this species wish stronger equipment than most game fishing. Stronger lure combined with leaders of at incipient three feet and a swivel will keep the catch online and prevent lure from oblique with the fish. Glow hooks and rattle spoons with minnows top off the lure, which is then allowed to free - call to the bottom. The lure mingles with the muck and is then snapped back to the surface, at which point an eelpout may already be on chow. During the spawning period in late February, a catch of 100 or more is not uncommon, weighing on casual between 3 and 8 pounds.

Those who love the ling are welcome to pay its tribute at the annual International Eelpout Festival on Leech Lake in Walker, Minnesota. Three full days commemorating the ugliest fish in the sea begin with an Opening Ceremony, complete with Torch Lighting. Entrants are encouraged to use their imagination when constructing their fishing cache, as prizes are awarded for the most lavish structure built on the lake. Extra points may be earned if the shelter sports a logo from one of the sponsoring companies of the tournament. Prizes are also awarded for the single pout with the most weight, for the most combined pout tonnage by a single angler and for most combined pout tonnage by a team of anglers.

If actually catching these despicable creatures is not on your agenda, the Festival offers numerous activities to help celebrate the eelpout in style. The Eelpout Peelout is a 5K run which challenges its contestants to be the first to win the race and win the angling contest. The Snowmobile Radar Run, Eelpout Bowl Rugby Tournament, the Polar Plunge, a black - tie dinner on the ice and an “On - Ice” Auto Race ensure there is something fun for participants of all ages, whether an angler or spectator.

Few creatures are as unappealing, yet offer so much in the spirit of fishing. There is nothing refined or fancy about fishing for eelpout; it is simply fun. For those who like to fish, enjoy the outdoors, and catch a lot of fish without regard to species, the eelpout is a beautiful thing indeed.




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