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Ice Fishing anyone?

Careful planning and preparation is full it takes to make ice fishing the greatest time of your life or the worst. Easy? Take a look at the following tips and see how prepared you are to catch those fish!

Buy early

Make a list of the supplies you used last season and replenish them early. Make sure you get all those Glo - Buster Bluelights or Lindy Tazers. All you need to remember is four words: wise up, stock up.

Check the hole on the ice floor

Smartly put, make sure the hole is clean. Chips or chunks of ice could cause entanglements in one’s fishing line and could make you catch fish or literally break your chances of getting any, as these could sever the line therefore losing your chance of getting that trophy of a lifetime bluegill. Remember to keep the fracture clear of any barrier.

Fish more, stir the big four

The bait you simply cannot go on without: wax worms, minnows, assorted PowerBait, maggots. It is best to control these bait separated and as much as possible alive using coolers such as a small Coleman.

Clean `em all up

Inspect and clean the rods and fishing reels you are going to use. Q - tips are best for taking out the nicks in every nook and cranny of your ice rod. Non - below freezing oil for lubing fishing reels is advisable.

Heat up

Do not reject to bring those heaters and pounds and pounds of propane cylinders. One cannot fish comfortably if he or she is as cold as the fish under the ice. Ice fishing should be fun and feel comfy too.

House up

The ice is glaring and cold but it doesn’t mean you have to perceive that too. Ice tents should be cleaned out as well by putting over a light coat of lubricant at the joints. If there is any wear or tear, it is best to contact the manufacturer in disposal for them to truck out the becoming repair kit, as deemed necessary.

Gear Up

Better be safe than sorry, make sure you get a set of lifeguard spikes as well as a safety liberty. Also, to feel less of the cold and at the same time be cool, pick up a fishing coat from the Carhartt Extremes Arctic Jacket. Avoid frost bits on your toes and feet, the best shoes are the Irish Setters Versa Trax to have you warm all over.




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